Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts

Our raw cashew nuts are sun dried raw nuts for up to six days to reduce moisture content to 9%. The nuts are then roasted to discharge the caustic shell oil and acrid fumes. Correctly dried nuts are pinkish in colour and produce a rattling sound when shaken and can be stored for 2 years before being shelled.. The cashew is a strong plant that is grown in well-drained sandy or sandy-loam soil. Harvesting starts at the beginning of October and continues till the end of December.The nuts are collected on weekly basis during the dry season and on daily basis during the wet weather to avoid fruit rotting or insect damage and stored in dry conditions. Every care is taken to ensure only good quality product is purchased by our qualified buyers. Samsons limited ensure our products are of the best quality and we meet the customers satisfaction since that is what keeps us in the market. For our products you can visit our offices or contact us.
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