Our Cereals

Red Kidney Beans

Our farmers adopt recognized food management systems, both in production and processing (cleaning and packing). We export dry beans, which are traceable and our farmers have put in place safety systems (such as HACCP) to ensure food safety. Kidney beans are known for their high content of fibers and protein, making them ideal for people with diabetes or people who want to reduce their meat consumption. In the health segment your main point for attention as an exporter is supplying a clean and pesticide-free product. To achieve extra high quality and safety standards, we apply Integrated Pest Management which considerably reduces the amount of pesticides. We are committed to exporting the finest quality of French beans to global market.

Cow Peas

Cowpea varieties grown in Kenya include; Katumani 80 (K80), KVU 27-1, 419, Kunde 1, MTW 63, 610, Machakos 66 (M66), Kitui black eye. Certified seeds are used during planting. Cowpeas are a rich source of dietary fiber and have been known to ease stomach conditions such as diarrhea and constipation.
The Pods can be harvested green or dry. Green pods are hand-picked while still tender, about 12-16days after flowering.
Matured, dried pods are harvested promptly to avoid infestation with weevils, seed shattering and deterioration in humid weather. Cowpeas are mostly used in curries and can also be processed into a paste or flour.

Mung Beans

The mung bean is also known as the green gram. The mung bean is a small round bean similar in shape to the field pea. When mung beans are mature, the pods are harvested, dried, threshed and winnowed. Safety systems (such as HACCP: hazard analysis and critical control points) have been put in place to ensure traceability. The mung beans are stored dry, in a dark, cool and well ventilated storage. We ensure our mung beans from different harvest periods are not mixed, as the older seeds will downgrade the entire lot. We ensure containers are clean and the cargo protected from moisture, pests and cross-contamination (especially with organic produce).

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