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Samsons Foods is marketing coffee from various regions in Kenya.


Kenya has continued to produce some of the world’s most elegant and distinctive coffees. The good results are attributed to good farming practices and intensive use of farm inputs by local farmers.

Blue Mountain Coffee

Our Kenya Blue Mountain coffee is grown from seeds originally from Jamaica, which produce a coffee that has the natural sweetness of Blue Mountain Jamaica.

This superb micro-lot is grown by the small-holder farmers of the Keera wet mill in Kisii County, a mountainous region of western Kenya best known for its bananas and soap stone trade. Famed for evergreen farms, Kisii arguably records one of the highest rainfalls in the country thanks to its positioning in the Lake Victoria lake basin and the heavily foliaged Kisii Highlands. With its mild climate, fertile land and picturesque undulating hills, this catchment resembles the Jamaica Blue Mountains.

 Kenya AA Blue Mountain is an extremely popular coffee because of its consistently high quality.

Blue Mountain, SL-28, SL-34. Cupping score: 90.25. This sweet and decidedly balanced coffee displays classic Kenyan characters of black currant, juicy plum and Roselle.

Othaya Coffee

Situated on the highlands of Central Kenya is one of the largest fully farmer-owned, Fairtrade certified coffee society in Kenya, Othaya Farmers Co-operative. The coffee is named after the cooperative since it is well known for their top quality Kenyan Arabica coffee.

Sample roasting and cupping facilities are found at the Gatuyaini factory in Othaya and every lot delivered during the harvest season is cup sampled by the society staff .  Dry milling installation, allowing of the society to manage the parchment hulling, sorting and grading elements of their operation are among the standard features found at the Gatuyaini factory.

Barichu Coffee

This Fairtrade AA coffee is produced by small-holder farmers of the Karatina wet mill affiliated with the Barichu co-operative in Nyeri County, Kenya.

Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society is located in Mathira East Sub-County in Nyeri County. It is currently composed of four factories, Karatina, Karindundu, Gaturiri and Gatomboya. It was registered in October 1996 under Cooperative Development and Coffee Board of Kenya.

The cupping profile for Barichu Gaturiri AA was sweet, clean and juicy with flavors such as pineapple, peach, blood orange, jasmine and milk chocolate. Also there was a beautiful, soft floral note like blackberry blossoms in the aromatics.








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