Our Mangoes


Mangoes From Kenya, provides quality Kenya mangos to both the local and global markets through exports at fair prices. We source the Kenya mangos from trusted family growers around Kenya. Our fresh mango fruits are of high quality, handpicked, well graded and hygienically handled and packed.

Apple Mango

The Apple mango originates from the Kenya coastline. The fruits are medium to large, almost round in shape and have a rich yellow or orange to red colour when ripe. The skin is usually smooth and thin, and the juicy yellow flesh is of excellent flavour and of melting texture virtually free from fibre. Depending on location, harvesting seasons are from December to the beginning of March.

Ngowe Mango

This type of mango originates from Zanzibar and is planted in Lamu thus also the name ‘Lamu mango’. The fruit can easily be recognized; It is large, oblong and slender with a very prominent hook-like beak at the apex. The fruit grows from pale green, develops to a most attractive yellow to orange colour when ripe. Its deep yellow flesh is of excellent quality, free from fibre, melting, and carries no turpentine taste.

Kent Mango

This type of mango originates from Miami, Florida, and is sometimes mistaken for the quite similar looking cultivar Keitt, the difference is that it matures earlier (as early as March). The large fruit is greenish-yellow with a red or crimson blush on the shoulder. Its shape is regular ovate with a rounded base and often with two slight beaks. The skin is thick and tough and small yellow lenticels are numerous; the flesh is juicy, deep yellow, melting, fibreless and of a rich flavour.

Keitt Mango

Originally from Florida. this is an open pollinated seedling of Mulgoba. The fruit has an exceptional keeping quality and may be left on the trees long after the normal harvesting time. It has a greenish-yellow colour with pink or red blush and lavender bloom.The fruit shape is ovate and plump without a beak; it has a rounded base. The flesh is deep yellow, fairly firm but tender, melting, juicy and with only a little fibre near the seed. The flavour is rich and sweet with a pleasant aroma and excellent quality.

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